■ Credit card

Please pay based on the specified card companies.

VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express

・ The number of payments is only once.
・ Division or bonus payment cannot be used. Please check with your credit card company for or not to change installments after purchase.
* The payment date is the product order completion date.
* We cannot investigate inquiries regarding the drop -down. Please contact your credit card company.


■ Prevention of unauthorized use of credit cards

In order to prevent unauthorized use of credit cards, we may take the following measures. please note that.

・ If the "orderer" and "card holder name" are different, we may ask you to verify your identity (email or telephone).
In addition, if you do not contact us within a certain period in the case of an order that is not the name of the person, we may cancel the order.

・ Credit card issued overseas cannot be used.

・ In order to prevent unauthorized use by third parties, we are checking the card and checking cards through card companies.
We will ship it as soon as it is confirmed, but at that time, we may temporarily be "delivery of delivery".
Confirmation may be completed on the day, but it may take about 1 to 2 days.
Credit card information on the credit card to be confirmed is used only to prevent unauthorized orders and is not used for other purposes.

-If the usage is discovered, the police will be submitted to the police, notification of damage, and the unauthorized usage information will be registered for the shared data base.
* Even if your family uses a credit card, you will be charged to the card member himself or the cost of the credit card membership agreement will be charged based on the good tube care obligation. Please note that there is.

・ If you register a false fact or other person information as a personal information, or if there is an unauthorized use, the use of the account ID will be suspended.


■ Shop Pay

It is a payment service provided by the online shop system "SHOPIFY".
If you register your e -mail address and mobile phone number on SHOP Pay, just enter the e -mail address and the 6 -digit shop paycode (SMS certification) sent to the mobile phone number the next time you purchase the delivery destination and credit card information. You can easily pay without entering again. For more informationHere


Apple Pay/Google Pay

You can pay using credit card information registered in each service.

* To display the [Apple Pay] button, you need to use Safari in iOS 12.1 or MacOS 10.14.1 on one of the following devices.

  • iPhone (SE, 6, 6 Plus, or later)
  • iPad (Pro, Air 2, MINI 3, or later)
  • Apple Watch
  • MacBook Pro with Touch ID
  • All Mac models (after 2012) and Apple Pay iPhone or Apple Watch

         * Google Pay compatible browser
        To display the Google Pay button, the customer needs to use one of the following browsers supported by desktop or mobile.

        • Google Chrome
        • Mozilla Firefox
        • UCWEB UC Browser


        ■ About the issue of receipts and qualified invoices

        The shipping completion email has a URL that can issue a receipt and a qualified invoice, so please download it from the URL yourself.