About registration information

You can reissue your password on the login page.
You will need the registered email address at that time. If you do not know the email address, please again, but againHerePlease register.

In the case of online membership registration and order reception, we will send you an email immediately after the procedure is completed.
If the email does not arrive, the mail delivery delay or the registered email address,
In addition, there is a possibility that it is not transmitted normally. Sorry to trouble you"Inquiry form"Please contact us more.
* If you are taking measures against spam, please cancel the domain specification of@esdarb.co.jp.
(If you have not canceled, you may not be able to contact us from the Deicy Official Web Store.)
> Click here for how to set the domain specification cancellation

To change the registration information, you can first log in from the login page and change it on the account editing screen of My Page.
> Click here for registration information change

If you would like to suspend the distribution, please log in from the login page and change the e -mail magazine settings on the account editing screen of My Page.
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Products can be delivered to places specified by customers, such as workplaces, friends and family homes, besides your home.
If you register your name, address, etc. on the delivery destination list, you can easily specify it simply by selecting from the list during the purchase procedure.

You can buy guests without creating an account.
If you register as a member, there are also points that can be used online and stores, and there is also a newsletter that allows you to check the latest information and deals, so you can enjoy shopping more.

The Deicy Official Web Store has a member rank of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Regular according to the annual purchase price, and offers benefits for each.
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If you wish to withdraw (deleted registration information), specify "Name (full name)", "Phone number", "date date", and "email address" at the time of registration."Inquiry form"Please contact us more.
* When the withdrawal procedure is completed, the account cannot be restored.

About your order

Enter the use point on the cart screen for the use of points, and proceed to the purchase procedure.
* Please confirm that the number of points usage is reflected in the billing amount before ordering.
* You can check the number of points currently held on My Page.

Sorry, we cannot cancel or change after the order is completed.
Please be sure to check the size, color, etc. before your order is completed.

If you do not receive the order completion email, your order may not be sent properly.
Sorry to trouble you"Inquiry form"Please contact us more.

To confirm your order, you can first log in from the login page and you can check the order history of My Page.
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Regarding returns and exchanges"About cancellation / return / exchange"Please refer to.

Cooling -off is a system for consumer protection for door -to -door sales. Internet sales are not applied as if you access and shop yourself. Please note.

If you register as a favorite from the heart mark on the product page, you will be notified of the registered email address when the product is restocked.
* Registration is not a promotion of restocking and purchasing.

About payment method

You cannot change the payment method after your order is completed. Please be sure to check when ordering.

You can choose from credit card, shop pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
> Click here for payment methods

The receipt and the URL that can issue a qualified invoice are attached to the shipping completion email, so please download it from the URL yourself.

About product delivery

It depends on the delivery destination, but it is usually delivered in 2 to 5 days. For more information,"About delivery / shipping"Please refer to.

Currently, shipping overseas is not supported. Please note.
Delivery of products by this service is limited to Japan, but it can be used when accessing this site from outside Japan.WorldShoppingBizBy using the service, it is possible to deliver products overseas.
WorldShoppingBizThe service is a service operated by Zigzag Co., Ltd.WorldShoppingBizInquiries about this site cannot be answered.
Please contact Zigzag Corporation directly.

The delivery date and time can be specified when ordering.
If you wish to deliver the shortest, select "No specified".

We do not provide services to organize multiple orders into one. Please note.

Only Sagawa Express will be delivered.

We do not accept gift wrapping services. Please note.

We will send you an e -mail for shipping with the slip number as soon as the order is sent out.
With this slip number"Sagawa Express Luggage Inquiry Service"You can check the delivery status more.

Regarding renewal

For the online store system renewal, the points you have before the renewal have expired without permission.
We apologize for your pity, but we appreciate your patience.

With the online store system renewal, the order history on the old site is not inherited without permission. We apologize for your pity, but we appreciate your patience.

Also, if there are any questions about ordering on the old site, etc.,"Inquiry form"Please contact us more.