■ Members Service

Deicy Official Web Store has a member rank of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and REGULAR, depending on the annual purchase price, and offers benefits.
If the purchase price exceeds a certain amount, the member ranks will rise and the service benefits will be upgraded.
You can check the member rank on My Page.
* 3 every yearThe following year from the 1st of the month 2The next year's member ranks will fluctuate the following year, depending on the sum of the DEICY stores and the DEICY Official Web Store for one year until the end of the month.
* The purchase price will be calculated by the order amount received, excluding cancellation, returned goods and unpaid shipping.
* The new rank is automatically updated every day.

■ About birthday points

We will deliver the birthday point that can be used in the birth month to the email address of the member registration.
(2,000 points for Platinum, 1,500 points for Gold, 1,000 points for Silver, 500 points for BRONZE)
It is a point limited to the birth month, so you can use it only this month.

■ About shopping points

Deicy Official Web StoreIf you register as a member and shop, we will give 1 point for 100 yen.
The point isDeicy Official Web StoreIt can be used for one point 1 yen for shopping inside.

* The expiration date of the points is one year from the final purchase date.
Deicy Official Web StorePlease note that the points you have granted are not available at actual stores.