■ About products in the shopping cart

The secure product will be at the time of completing the order.
If you put it in the cart, the product is not secured and it may be sold out.


■ About the rules of shopping carts

The shopping cart has set some rules to ensure security so that customers use services fairly and secure.
On the system, the product is deleted from inside the shopping cart for the following reasons, etc., and the product that has been secured in the shopping cart may be canceled and return to the stock.
In any case, please note that there is no measure to return the product to a shopping cart.

  1. If you put a product in a shopping cart unnecessarily, or put the same product in many shopping carts, it will hinder the purchase of other customers.
  2. If the purchase score of one person is determined in a special product with a limited number of sales, etc., the quantity exceeding the rules is intended to be put into the shopping cart.
  3. If your usage environment is not confirmed by our company
  4. If you perform an inappropriate operation such as pressing the "return" button on the browser during the purchase procedure
  5. If you log in with multiple browsers with the same account
  6. When a server empty occurs during your purchase procedure