SHOP Pay saves the following information and is securely encrypted for future purchases.

  • email address
  • Delivery address (up to 5)
  • Request address
  • Credit card information (up to 5)
  • Mobile phone number (used for SMS authentication)

When you use it for the first time, you need to enter the delivery destination information and credit card information. At that time, the payment method is saved, and the next time you use it, you can shop smoothly.

If you register multiple accounts with the same address or phone number, you may not be able to log in due to the security of SHOPIFY.
In that case, clear the cache and log in, or [Shop Pay official websitePlease log in with].

SHOP PAY account registration is DEICY Official Web StoreIt is different from the registration information. Therefore, the registered information of SHOP PayDeicy Official Web StoreThe membership information is not linked, and it is necessary to respond at the time of the change.